NOTE: Prices change quickly as tourism increases in Ubud. We suggest checking the list of decent accomodation on

Ubud has an abundance of accomodation in every price-range.Most accomodations consist of a room with a verandah, own bathroom with hot-water, mosquito nets and breakfast included, and often in the rice-fields. The best way is to arrive at one of the places listed for a few nights,then  have a walk around and see what else is available. For those on a budget, there are “homestays” for around $10-15 per night; these offer the same as above but are generally more simple in decoration/setting.

A nice place to arrive is the Hibiscus Cottages. Ask the taxi to bring you to Jalan Bisma, off of the main street Jalan Raya Ubud. Tel# 0361-970-475 ( plus the country code for Indonesia) or   It is possible to rent a small house in the rice-fields with kitchen, balcony, hot water, verandah if you’re staying longer-term (at least 2 weeks ) The rents depend on level of luxury/length of stay.  We have many suggestions for these, but this is usually arranged in person once you’ve arrived. We’re happy to tell you what we know once you’re here..

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