NOTE: Prices change quickly as tourism increases in Ubud. We suggest checking the list of decent accomodation on

Ubud has an abundance of accomodation in every price-range.Most accomodations consist of a room with a porch, en-suite bathroom with hot water, a mosquito net and breakfast included, and often in the rice-fields or a family compound. The best way is to arrive at one of the places listed for a few nights and then have a look around to see what else is available for your budget and taste. For those on a budget, there are “homestays” for around $10-15 per night; these offer the same as above but are generally more simple in decoration while the room itself will be independent, the structure is usually part of a Balinese family compound, rather than the open-to-the-fields setting. For single women, this is also a nice option.

A mid-range guesthouse close to the yoga and town areas is the Tegal Sari guesthouse. Singles are approximately $25 – 35 US/night.  Another guesthouse, the Gayatri Bungalows, has some recently renovated rooms and and a very convenient location.  Bagus, the Finnish-Balinese owner, is fluent in English and a yoga practitioner as well. A lower-budget central option is Kori Bungalows.

Some students have stayed at the guesthouses listed here, so we’ve added the links as a possibility. We haven’t visited these hotels ourselves, so we are not making a specific recommendation. We do not get involved with organizing accommodation, as everyone has different standards and tastes.


To Bali: there are many routes to Bali, but most involve flying to Denpasar.

From Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, it’s inexpensive to buy tickets online with no-frills airlines. Air Asia ( has flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok to Bali. Tiger Airways ( flies from Singapore, etc.

Getting to Ubud from the airport: once you’re through the gates, you will walk outside and find a pre-paid taxi booth with fixed rates. Taxis/minivans to Ubud are  approx. 300,00o rp. The drive is about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. If you arrive in the daytime, there are also cheap shuttles that will drop you in Ubud (slow)

Once you’re in Ubud, it’s easy to get around on foot. Scooters are common and inexpensive to rent ($5 day)


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