2017/2018 fees

1 wk/ 85 €    (5 consecutive classes)
2 wks/ 145 €  (10 x class)
1 month/ 245€


Getting to Bali and Ubud

To Bali: there are many routes to Bali, but generally all involve flying to Denpasar. From Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, it’s inexpensive to buy tickets online with no-frills airlines. Air Asia (www.airasia.com/th/en/home.page) has flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok to Bali. Tiger Airways (www.tigerairways.com/) flies from Singapore, etc.

From the airport to Ubud: Once you’re through the gates, walk outside and find a pre-paid taxi booth with fixed rates. Taxis/minivans to Ubud are  approx. $25-30. The drive is about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. If you arrive in the daytime, there are also cheap shuttles that will drop you in Ubud (they’re slow)

Around Ubud, it’s easy to get around the central part of town on foot. Most people prefer to stay a bit further out and rent scooters, which are common and inexpensive to rent ($5-7 day)


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